Currency Symbols


  • ฿
  • ¢
  • £
  • ƒ
  • Ł
  • $
  • ¥
  • ¤

A currency symbol is a visual representation used to denote a specific currency unit. These symbols are typically assigned and regulated by the monetary authority of the respective country or region. Currency symbols play a crucial role in representing and distinguishing different currencies in international trade, financial markets, and daily transactions.

They help users easily identify and understand the currency being used in various contexts, such as on banknotes, coins, price tags, financial reports, and currency exchange platforms. Common examples of currency symbols include "$" for the United States Dollar, "€" for the Euro, "¥" for the Japanese Yen, and "£" for the British Pound Sterling. Each currency symbol holds significant cultural and economic importance, representing the monetary system of the corresponding country or region.